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CURRENT RANGE (A) : 30-140

RATED DUTY (%) : 80%



WEIGHT (KG) : 6.3

DIMENSION (CM) 34 X 21 X 22.5


Hisaki 0.5HP Intelligent Auto Self-Priming Water Pump..
Model SFA-T370A/2

PC chips are fixed. The high-tech intelligence operation of water pump is realized for the first time.
Many protection measures are employed and they include water-lacking protection, dry-operation protection, frequent jump and time-delay protection, frequent jump and time-delay protection, electric pump starting delay protection and electric pump brake protection.
As the pressure control system enters the status of protection, it automatically Shifts to the flow control system to ensure normal water supply of the water pump.
The design of self sucking pipe with cold and hot water is used. Cold and hot water can be drawn and the use range is larger.

Max Suction: 9m
Max Liquid Temperature: 105℃
Max Ambient Temperature: +45℃

PUMP BODY:  Cast iron
MECHANICAL SEAL SETS: Ceramic, graphite and rubber

Built-in thermal protector for the single phase motor

Model SFA-T370A/2
Voltage 240V 50Hz
Power 370W (0.5HP)
Speed 2850rpm
Suction 9m
Max. head 40m
Max. capacity 40L/min
Pipe inlet & outlet 1" x 1" (25mm x 25mm)
Warranty 12 months


Hisaki 16" Concrete and Road Cutter with Honda 13HP Engine..
Model YRC16

Hisaki concrete road cutter with strong and simple design ensure accurate asphalt and concrete surface road cutting work.
The design proven to be a reliable, durable performer over years of service with contractors.
The strong, simple, and well furnished concrete cutter series is a reliable equipment for users.
Equip with Honda GX390 gasoline engine and Hisaki 16" concrete and asphalt cutter blade.

Model YRC16
Max. cutting depth 145mm
Blade size 305~406mm (14"~16") (Include 16" Diamond Cutting Blade)
Arbor size 27mm
Blade rotation 2500~3600rpm
Engine Honda GX390
Engine type air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV single cylinder
Bore 88mm x stroke 64mm
Displacement 389cm3
Compression ratio 8 : 1
Max. power output 13HP / 3600rpm
Ignition system transistorized magneto
Starting system recoil
Fuel tank capacity 6.5 litre
Engine oil capacity 1.1 litre
Weight 125kg
Warranty 6 months


HISAKI 3" Gasoline Petrol Engine Water Pump

**Moving troublesome water fast, this high performance
**Essential for contractors, farmers, gardens, emptying ponds and pools, clearing floods and
general irrigation applications.
**Pumping up to a massive 30,000 of water per hour & Self priming and comes complete with hose
connectors, as well as inlet strainer.
**The tubular frame is specifically designed for portability, but also protects the large and powerful
**Connecting the hose to the pump is simple and starting the petrol driven machine is straight
forward with the built in recoil starter.



              Model            HEP80
             Max.output              6.5Hp
         Starting System            RECOIL
         Fuel tank capacity             3.6 litre
 lift             26Meter
          Suction height              7meter
        Max water displacement            30m³/hr
               Weight (kg)               24
          Dimension(LxWxH)       510x380x450

HISAKI 5500W Diesel Sound Proof Generator JM7500T3 ( 3Phase/Electric Start)



Rated Frequency (Hz) 50

Rated Output (kW) 5

Max Output (kW) 5.5

Rated Voltage (V) 240/415

Phase No. Three Phase

Power Factor (cos) 0.8

Engine Model JM188FAE

Engine Type Single Cylinder, Vertical, 4-Stroke, Air-Cooled Diesel Engine, Direct Injection

Bore * Stroke (mm) 88 x 75

Displacement (L) 0.456

Rated Power kW (r/min) 6.6

Lube Capacity (L) 1.65

Fuel Consumption (g/Kw.h) ≤274

Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 15

Structure Type Silent

Packing Dimension (mm) 920 x 540 x 760

Starting System Electric Start


HISAKI Battery Charger 14/24V BOOST360

Model : BOOST360

Charging Voltage(V) : 14/24

Rated Current (A) : 30-45

Reference Capacity (Ah) : 20-500

Class Of Insulation : H

Starting Current (A) : 180

Boost Current (A) : 15


Hisaki Gasoline Welding Generator 130Amp 1000Watt

Model LPW150A

Rated voltage 240V

Rated frequency 50Hz

Rated Current 3.4A

Rated Power 800W

Max. power 1000W

Power Factor 1.0

Rated No Load Voltage DC50V

Current Range DC50A - 130A

Loading Ratio 50%

Current Voltage DC120A / 24.8V

RPM 3600

Fuel Tank 15L

Can weld 3.2mm electrode


HISAKI H1602 IGBT Inverter Arc Welder 160Amp

Single 2pc board

• High frequency (40KHz-100KHz),improve the efficiency of the whole machine,save energy.

• Pretty appearance,light weight.stable.

• Have the advantage of easily start arc,stable current,perfect molding.

• High rated duty and have better function for push compensation.

• Use for altitude work,fieldwork,indoor fitment.

Specifications :

Rated input voltage (V) : 1 - 230

Rated input voltage (V) :1 - 110

No-load voltage (V) : 56

Current range (A) : 30 - 160

Rated duty (%) : 60%

Input capacity (KVA) : 5.3

Class of insulation : F

Weight (kg) : 4.5

Dimension (cm) 1Pcs : 37 x 21 x 26


Specification:- Generator: Rated Frequency (Hz): 50 Rated Output (kW): 4.5 Max Output (kW): 5 Rated Voltage (V): 240 Phase No. : Single Power Factor (cos): 1 Engine: Engine Model: JM188FAE Engine Type: Single Cylinder, Vertical, 4-Stroke, Air-Cooled Diesel Engine, Direct Injection Bore *Stroke (mm): 88 x 75 Displacement (L): 0.456 Rated Power kW (r/min): 6.6 / 3000 rpm Lube Capacity (L): 1.65 Starting System: Recoil & Electric Starter Fuel Comsumption (g/Kw.h): ≤274 Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 15 Structure Type: Open Packaging Dimension (mm): 730 x 495 x 620



  • 100% cooper wire. 
  • High performance. 
  • Reliable & durable. 
  • Quality Assurance. 



Model LP1250
Horse Power (hp) 3.0
Displacement (cc) 99
Type 1 Cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV, Air-cooled gasoline engine
Rated Speed  3000
Volt Adjustment AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)
Ignition CDI
Start Type Recoil start / electric start
Tank Volume (L) 6
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 0.35
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Voltage (V) 220
Rated Output (W) 1000
Max. Output (W) 1100

Hisaki Portable 3T Mini Concrete Mixer With 7.0HP Petrol Engine (Japan Technology)

This Portable mini concrete mixer well suit for the use of sub-contract building/house, small renovation works. This concrete mixer can be fill up to half bag of cement along with sand, water and other aggregates to produce well mixed concrete cement.

This heavy duty type of mild steel drum, strong design and coupled with air cooled petrol engine 6.5hp make the machine last long.


Easy to tow

Easy to carry around with 2 unit of ball-bearing wheel

Well polished welding drum with heavy duty tight blades


Horsepower: 6.5HP Petrol Engine

Engine type: 4-stroke,single cylinder, air cooling, OHV, horizontal

Fuel tank capacity: 4.2 L

Oil capacity: 0.6 L

Starting System: Recoil Start

Capacity Unmixed litre(cu.ft): 105(3.5)

Capacity mixed (cu.ft): 75(2.5)

Max. Output (hp/rpm): 5/4000

Thickness (Drum Steel Plate): Side 3.5mm Base 3.5mm

Transmission: From driving shaft to drum by bevel gear.

Gross Weight: 60kg