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Material: Premium Chrome Vanadium CR-V
Suitable for Heavy Duty, Workshop and Home
Main Features: 
Type: Ratchet wrenches, sockets, hand tools, etc 
Number of pieces: 121
Application: Automobile maintenance and repair
121 pieces includes a collection of the most popular sockets, ratchets, wrenches, hex key, bits, T-head breaker and universal joint and etc.
Made from chrome vanadium steel with a mirror chrome plated finish.
Bi-material rubber handles of the ratchet for better and more comfortable grip.
Perfect for Handyman’s, repairmen, construction workers, mechanics, and also a great tool set to have at home, garage and workshop.
Case provides for convenient tool storage.

Package includes:
10 Pcs 6.3MM Series Hexagonal (Six-point) Socket(4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13MM)
4 Pcs 6.3MM Series Hexagonal (Six-point) Long Socket(8,9,10,12MM)
11 Pcs 10MM Series Hexagonal (Six-point) 
4 Pcs 10MM Series Hexagonal (Six-point) Long Socket(13,14,15,17MM)
8 Pcs 10MM Series Twelve-point Socket(E8,E10,E11,E12,E14,E16,E18,E20)
2 Pcs 10MM Series Spark plug Socket(16,21MM)
7 Pcs 12.5MM Series Hexagonal (Six-point) Socket(20,21,22,24,27,30,32MM)
17 Pcs 10MM Series Bit Socket : 7Pcs (Twelve-point: T20,T30,T40,T45,T50,T55,T60) ;4 Pcs(Hexagonal/Six-point : 3,4,5,6MM) ; 4 Pcs/2 Set (Philip’s : #1,#2) ; 2 Pcs (Slotted : 5.5, 6.5MM)
3 Pcs Quick-release Ratchet Handle (6.3MM Series 5″,10MM Series 8″,12.5MM Series 10″)
2 Pcs 10MM Series Adapter (3/8″Square Hole×1/4″Square Head,3/8″Square Hole×1/2″Square Head)
5 Pcs Wobble socket: (6.3MM Series 2″,10MM Series 3″,10MM Series 6″,12.5MM Series 5″,12,5MM Series 10″)
1 Pcs 6.3 MM Series Spinner Handle
1 Pcs 6.3 MM Bit Adapter (6.3 MM Bit Plughole)
18 Pcs 6.3 MM Bit Adapter : 3 Pcs (Slotted : 4,5,6.5MM); 2 Pcs (Philips: #1,#3); Middle Hole Plum (T-10,T-15,T-20,T-25,T-27,T-30,T-40) ; 4 Pcs (hexagonal : 3,4,5,6MM) ; 2 Pcs (Pozidriv : PZ#1,PZ#2)
11 Pcs Full polished combination spanner (8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19MM)
9 Pcs Hex Key Wrench(1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10)
2 Pcs A Series Screwdriver (Slotted 6×100MM; Philips #2×100MM)
1 Pcs Socket for T52 Cylinder head screw
1 Pcs Combination Filtration Spanner (63-102MM)
1 Pcs Test Pencil/Voltage Tester (6V/12V24V)


1. 7 Adjustable Watering Patterns: Each carefully selected pattern has an unique purpose, and each spray pattern will meet all of your watering needs. Include center, flat, jet, mist, cone, full, shower.
2. To change patterns simply twist the nozzle.Turn the spray nozzle dial to choose appropriate pattern easily with a faucet on the handle.
3. The spray nozzle is made of pp, handle is made of ABS, easy to grip, slip-resistant and comfortable fit.
4. Adjustable water flow. Easy to adjust, just rotate the valves to adjust water volume.
5. Suitable for most garden hoses. Perfect for Watering Your Garden, Lawn, Grass, and Flower Beds. Great for Washing Your Car,Showering Dogs and Pets,Cleaning Your Floor/Window.
1. Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect. Please allow slight deviation due to manual measurement.
Type: water spray nozzle
Material: PP + ABS
Water pressure: 1.0Mpa
Spray distance: 10 (m)
Scope of application: garden watering, car washing, agricultural watering

1 set x water spray nozzle kit


4-way cross wrench car emergency tire replacement SAE lug wrench 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm (14" inches)

Forged carbon steel structure, durable, chrome-plated surface is durable

An indispensable tool for high productivity, which can quickly change tires in an emergency

Heat-treated steel and finishing to improve durability and corrosion resistance

Simple and reliable operation, compact during storage, suitable for portable use

  • Long-lasting great quality tools
  • This space-saving convenient wheel nut wrench is a must-have tool for every car owner
  • High-quality and high-quality products for daily and emergency use
  • This telescopic wheel bracket is very suitable as a compact solution to keep it in the car in case of an emergency.
  • Strong Garden Hedge Shears/Grass Shear/Grass Trimmer/Grass Cutter
  •  Pruning plants
  •  Not suitable to cut too thick braches
  • Thicker scissor blades to ensure a smoother, more durable cut.
  •  Thicker epoxy coated (rust proof) scissor joints for greater durability.
  • PVC handle (non-slip)
  • Professional lightweight construction.
  • Drop forged and hardened blade with amour chrome plating for strength and durability.
  • Wavy edge blade with cutting recesses held while cutting.
  • Hollow ground blade - self-sharpening / low friction action.
  • Blade tension is fully adjustable with a convenient dial setting mechanism.


-The multi-function water gun can be freely changed the type of water, the water flow can be gradually adjusted by rotating the nozzle from small to large, can be freely changed sector straight water line adjustment.
-Portable self-priming, faster and stronger, built-in stainless steel fine filter, highly efficient deep filtration of impurities in water.
-Strong battery life, lithium batteries greatly extend the service life of the machine
-Can be used as a cleaning water gun, garden irrigation tools.
-Suitable for garden watering, agricultural irrigation, car washing, household cleaning, etc.

-Package includes:
1 x car wash machine
2 x the nozzle
2 x 21V batteries
1x 5 meters of water pipe
1x long pole
1x strainer
1 x charger
1 x foam bottle

  • -cleaning is easy and hassle-free just spray and rinse
  • -the spray penetrates and removes stubborn grease or stains effortlessly
  • -water-based cleaner that transforms the cleaning solution in foam form
  • -Usage:
  • -Shake well before using it. Evenly spray a layer of foam between the squatting toilet or toilet seat about 10-20cm away to cover it. Then use it. Effectively solve a series of troubles such as splashing water, deodorization, inhibiting the spread of bacteria and endangering health during toilet use. It is harmless to human body and toilet. The best matching product for healthy toilet.

High quality and durable drop forged open & ring end spanner 14 pcs a set,
covers a wide range of application Compact size for easy access in confined spaces Complete set for automotive, industry, home use and more Perfect for Handyman, repairman, construction workers, mechanics, body shops, also a great tool set to have at home, garage and the workshop 

Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Available Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 27, 30, 32 mm

  • Local Supplier Warranty:
    - Battery 6 Months
    - Motor 12 Months
    - Charger 6 Months
    - AC Board 6 Months
  • Battery Voltage 21V
  • Battery Capacity 4.0Ah
  • No-Load Speed 0-18000r/min
  • Maximum air volume 2.6m³/min
  • Maximum wind speed 52m/s


  • Features 
  • Charging time 2.5h
  • Computer dust accumulation 
  • Construction site cutting dust 
  • Ash accumulation in the filter
  • Pet Hair and dust flying
  • Dust accumulation in corners 
  • Just install the air collection duct to the air outlet duct 
  • First , fill the dust accumulation bag to the air outlet , then install the air collection duct to the air intlet


JAPANESE STYLE PULL SAW: This product is a “Pull Saw.” What most people are used to are European saws, which cut materials via pushing, thus are called “push saws.” On the other hand, Japanese saws cut materials via pulling and thus are called “pull saws,” which is what this product is. In comparison to “push saws,” “pull saws” are lighter in weight, requires less power, and the resulting edge is cleaner.

Japanese saws are consisted of top quality japanese steel. It uses high quality Japanese steel, which makes cuts to be sharp.

DIVERSIFY YOUR WOODWORKING LIFE: No matter you are a master or a beginner in using saws, it gives you brand new experience from using traditional Japanese style saws and enables you to make a wider variety of woodworking products, thus change your life!

2 Saws in 1Japanese hand saw with impulse hardened teeth for extended wear. the 12 TPI triple-cut saw teeth finer side for highly precision crosscut work the other side 7TPI for ripping. Ideal for medium crosscut bamboo, Iogs, timbers, PVC & ABS pipes, MDF PLYWOOD MATERMLS.

320mm long blade consisted of TOP QUALITY material Gives a Fine Kerf, handling size for highly precision work and provides accurate cuts with much less effort.

Blade Replaceable plastic head thumb screws, making it very quick and easy to break the saw down

Ergonomics TPR handleThe ergonomic handles are wrapped with Thermal Plastic Rubber for a secure grip.


Punching out sheet metal: the 7-piece set for car body shaping and forming repairs is ideal for punching out car sheet metal prior to completion.

Versatile applications.

The screw-type tooth puller can be used as a fender roller or to shape flat and curved surfaces in automotive sheet metal; simply insert the included screw into the threaded tip and turn the tooth puller shaft to insert it into the tapered tip for easy use.

Built to last: with a forged finish and fully polished construction; these tools feature bright red and sturdy fibreglass handles with solid black sturdy handle ends, stylish and seriously good looking hands that are easy to spot in your professional workspace.

Package Contents. Tool set includes: (1) heavy duty shrink hammer, (1) pick end hammer, (1) right angle finishing hammer, (1) healing dolly, (1) utility dolly, (1) double end dolly, (1) curved dolly and (1) handy carrying case.


QUICK CUT HIGH STRENGTH BLADE - The blade features super sharp teeth for more aggressive and faster cutting.
PORTABLE, SUITABLE FOR A VARIETY OF SCENES - This tool is great for gardening, pruning, camping, clearing trails, hiking, tree trimming.
PREMIUM ERGONOMIC COMFORT HANDLE - Ergonomic design reduces hand and arm fatigue while working.
MULTI PURPOSE & TOUGH - Fully tested, this rugged folding saw can be used as a pruner for garden pruning, sawing fence posts and other diy wood cutting, plastic saw, camping kit equipment, survival gear kit, hiking wilderness accessory. High quality outdoor tool is a perfect addition and best for cutting small or large tree branches, campers firewood, dry or green wood. It will saw through with ease.


Durable top-quality and good looking, this hand saw serves as a perfect gift for gardening lover.
Tripe teeth saw blade design
Durable, two-color plastic handle in high visibility red and black
Ergonomically curved handle for a comfortable hold
Knurled handle for a sure, no-slip grip
Lock-in blade for safety - Won't collapse or snap while cutting or closing

  • Saw blades are made from high quality steel, hardness, high strength, sharp and durable.
  • Ergonomic design handle. Greatly save your strength also improve user’s work efficiency.
  • Thicker manufacturing material. High thickness, high hardness, durable
  • Made from high-quality steel. High hardness, solid and strong, attractive and durable.

Due to the characteristics of this material, durability is increased and high torsional stress resistance is obtained

Screwdriver bit and screwdriver holder are made of corrosion-resistant chrome alloy

Handles only premium quiality materials and plastics products are used in the handles 

Ergonomic design of handle transmission

Our precision screwdriver kit will enable you to do electronic product work quickly and easily

They are specially designed for screw slots found in electronic equipment or screw slots used in garage workshops, etc.

Only high-quality chrome vanadium steel is used in the production of blades.

Our precision screwdriver set is perfect for mechanical, automotive, home ,office repairs and etc

1 piece Magnetic holder , 1 piece (-)phd 3.0 x50mm , 1 piece (+)phd0 x 50mm and 6 piece bits, high performance magnetic screw driving Set.

  • This will make your work quick and easy
  • This allows the screws to be easily removed, and maintenance can be performed quickly and easily.
  • Convenience This is a very convenient tool to use and carry. This is a lightweight tool and very comfortable.
  • Also has a fingertip rotating head for better control

Rated Power : 910w
Flow : 0-0.7L/min
Switch Valve Safety Range: 6000-10000psi
Start Again Pressure: 0-6000psi

  • 10pcs 1/2" Square Drive Socket Set  (6-Point)
  • Main Features: 
  • Type: Sockets and L-Handle 
  • Number of pieces: 10
  • Package: Box 
  • Application: Automobile maintenance and repair 
  • Package: Plastic Box
  • Application: Automobile maintenance and repair
  • 9 PCS - 1/2" Socket 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24mm (6-Point)
  • 1 PCS - 1/2" L-Type Handle