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Tsunami 0.5HP (2") S/Steel Screw Impeller Submersible Pump..
Model R50-G-07

Tsunami 2" Deep Well Pump - Single Phase - 0.5 HP
The deep well pump is submersible, and is single phase with 0.5 horsepower. The water pump is constructed out of corrosion-resistant materials.

The deep well pump is placed inside a well casing. The pump uses a centrifugal pump and impellers to pull water into the intake, pushing it through pipes to a desired location.

The deep well pump can be used in wells, fountains, sewer systems, and any context where water needs to be pulled to the surface.

.Manufactured from high impact stainless steel for added durability and corrosion resistance
.Ideal for installing in traditional wells, clean water deposits, boreholes and garden irrigation systems
.Multi stage pump enables high flow rates, high heads and ensures a stable performance
.Heavy-duty discharge connection
.Precision-molded impellers and diffusers

Brand Tsunami
Model R50-G-07
Voltage 240V / 50Hz
Power 0.37kW / 0.5HP
Current 4A
Max. head 70mtr
Max. flow 1.4m3/hour / 23.5L/min
Speed 2850r/min
Discharge diameter 3/4" / 20mm
Weight 6.0kg
Dimension L760 x W50 x H50mm
Made in Taiwan
Conform standard CE ISO9001 : 2008
Warranty 1 years


Tsunami HPC 1400W 110Bar High Pressure Cleaner..

Model HPC6110

Tsunami Electric Pressure Washer or Jet Washer delivers a high efficiency cleaning jobs on buildings, drains, walls, trucks, boats and etc. It is powered by 1,400 watts Electric Motor and generates up to 110 bar of water jet pressure stream. It can remove all the fern growing on walls, tar and grease on car, trucks, even rust from metals. It also equipped with 5 meters long power cable and 6 meters long high pressure output hose which made it travel into more distance area.

Cleaning class 1 (for light home cleaning)

Auto stop system

**Technical data**

Model HPC6110

Voltage / Frequency 240V / 50Hz

Motor power 1400W

Motor type carbon brush motor

Max pressure 110bar

Max flow 6.5L/min

Max temperature 50C

Sound power level (LWA) 92dB (A)

Warranty 12 months

**Standard accessories**

6m high pressure hose

5m power cord cable

Trigger pressure gun

Variable power nozzle


Tsunami HPC7160 High Pressure Cleaner ( Induction Motor ) WaterJet 160Bar

Ergonomic handle.

High pressure cleaner with innovative design.

Induction motor

Low maintenance motor.

Low noise

Can self priming.

Automatic stop system.

Trigger Gun and Lance with quick connection.

Heavy Duty High pressure hose with steel-reinforced same like Hydraulic hose

Explosion proof, sun proof and wear protection.

Detergent container abroad with adjustable foam rate to min or max


Model: HPC 7160

Suitable for: Heavy Industrial Cleaning usage

Max. Pressure: 160 Bar

Max. Temperature: Max 50 °C

Max. Flow: 7.8L / min

Motor Power: 2100w

Motor Type: Induction Motor

Maximum usage duration: 2 hours

Product Warranty: 1 year

What's in the box:

HPC7160 High Pressure Cleaner - 1 unit

Trigger Gun - 1 unit

Multi Power Nozzle - 1 unit

5 meters Power Cord - 1 unit

8 meters High Pressure Hose - 1 unit

User Manual - 1 unit

Product Warranty Card - 1 unit